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Face Lifts & Other Plastic Surgery Procedures for the Face

Restore a Youthful Appearance

Aging shows itself early in life, due to genetics and lifestyle. There are internal and external factors which cause the changes in our facial appearance. Surface changes alter texture. Skin thins and pores enlarge. Skin that was once smooth becomes dry and flaky. Dyschromias in the form of brown and red spots and broken capillaries appear.

Deep within the skin, a protein called collagen provides structure and elastic fibers lend tone. Structure and tone decrease due to the aging process. As the fat below the skin (subcutaneous fat) thins, fat pads become displaced and weak. At the same time, bone thins. The overall result is a deflated, and sagging appearance. Deep lines of facial expression, jowls, hollows of the cheek and a turkey neck replace the oval shaped face of youth. In many people, fat is deposited producing a double chin and adds to the loss of aesthetically desirable youthful curves.

There are surgical procedures as well as minimally invasive options that are available to restore a more youthful look while maintaining the patient’s individuality. Facelift surgery as performed by Dr. Paula Moynahan, gently turns the clock back providing a younger and healthier appearance while providing youthful characteristics vital to a beautiful, and natural-looking you.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid tuck)

The skin of the upper and lower eyelids loses tone and elasticity with aging and droops.  Fat pads of both upper and lower eyelids become prominent and are referred to as “bags”. The clear definition of the eyelids is obscured. The eyes and entire face look tired and aged. Eye bags may be due to genetics and present at an early age. Surgery results in opening the eye, accentuating the crease of the upper lid, and eliminating the bags of the lower eyelids. A rested and youthful appearance is restored.


There are several common conditions that affect the ear.  Ears that stick out  (lop ears or protuberant ears) are noticed at birth.  A torn (lacerated) earlobe commonly occurs from earrings that are two heavy or get caught on clothing   Enlarged lobes are secondary to genetics, aging or wearing weird earrings.  Ear pinning – Pinning places the ear closer to the head when one or both of the ears are considered to “stick out”. Cancer surgery results in defects that require reconstruction.  The size , shape and  position of ears can be altered and defects repaired.

Nose – Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)

The nose, along with the eyes and the mouth is a vital structure in determining what creates an attractive face. The nose occupies the center of the face, its where the onlooker’s eyes focus and is one of the foundations of facial proportion. Although the nose is one unit its consists of several subunits.  A rhinoplasty involves consideration of the envelope of skin that covers the nose, the nasal bones, the tip, the nostrils and the cartilaginous components. A nose may be too wide, too long and too high with a hump (bump) and a bulky tip.  Refinement and shaping of some or all of the components may be required to achieve the optimal outcome.


“Weak” chins were traditionally disliked since it was believed to reflect a person’s character. This is, of course absolutely untrue. A weak chin may disrupt the desired symmetry of the face. Correction of the disproportion of the chin with the surrounding facial features is effected by the use of a chin implant. Chin augmentation involves placing a small implant at the point of the chin to allow a better balance of the chin to the nose and the face. A mentoplasty (chin augmentation) is frequently performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty (nose job). It is sometimes used in conjunction with a facelift to re-contour the jawline/neck.

Younger individuals, some even in their early twenties have a double chin caused by genetics. It is not age or diet related. Double chins were actually praised, and even idealized in the past, but this no longer the case. Through liposuction the double chin is removed. The scars are negligible and the recovery quick.

NYC face lifts

The benefits of plastic surgery are more than physical.

  • Many satisfied patients experience increased confidence
  • A rise in self-esteem then follows.
  • Patients have reported being “happier” and looking and feeling their “best.”
  • Many said they felt a positive impact on their quality of life.
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