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Jaw Surgery is taken under-considered by patients seeking harmony and proportion to their faces by altering an overly projected chin or a recessive chin. Both attributes are usually genetic and often distract from the overall attractiveness of the face

Mentoplasty is a term that refers to enhancing facial symmetry creating a harmonious balance in combination with other vital facial features.

Surgical correction is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Improvement occurs when the recessive chin is augmented with a silicone gel implant whereas the projecting chin is shaved to create a smaller.

However ‘Virginal Hypertrophy’ or ‘Juvenile Macromastia’ though rare may occur and are due to hormonal influences. This condition results in extremely large breasts that produce physical and psychological problems. The NAC (nipple areolar complex) may also enlarge. There are various approaches to treat this condition.

As improvement occurs where self-esteem and confidence builds. I have found throughout my plastic surgical career that to “Change the Body —is to —Change the Mind”. It uplifts the mind and is a source of gratification for my patients

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