How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

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Preparation for Reduction Mammoplasty requires medical clearance and certain laboratory studies.

The details of your operation are supplied thereby acknowledging as paramount your understanding and consent. Essential to your preparation and the determination of your suitability for the operation, expect the excision of excessive fat, glandular tissue, connective tissue and skin. The “specimen” is always sent to the pathologist who provides a gross and microscopic report. This is essential in ensuring that a “hidden and undiagnosed disorder” is not overlooked.

Breast reduction surgery is done at an ambulatory surgical center. General anesthesia is used and upon completion of the operation, your transfer to the recovery room is facilitated. When fully awake and stabilized you will be discharged to the care of a responsible caregiver. Postoperative instructions are provided to you. Your first postoperative visit is scheduled and the surgical dressing will be removed. A surgical bra is provided for your use as healing progresses. Suture removal is completed within two weeks with strenuous activity limited for 3-6 weeks depending upon a biological healing process unique to you.

If you would like to learn more about breast reduction surgery in Middlebury or NYC, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paula Moynahan.

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