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Personally, I had the honor to work alongside Doctor Yves Gerard Illouz in Paris at his clinic for several weeks. Thereafter for years, on his many visits to the United States and my clinic, I continued to consult with him. He is considered a surgical pioneer and the “father of modern-day liposuction. “ He remained a lifelong friend as well as a colleague. He died in 2015 but left a legacy that endures.

Liposuction, Lipoplasty, Tumescent Liposuction, and Laser Assisted Liposuction are interchangeable phrases that pertain to the removal of fat that is genetically determined of the face and form. Liposuction is not a substitute for diet and exercise. The goal is to create a more aesthetically desirable appearance. Liposuction is not indicated or the treatment of obesity.

Liposuction creates pleasing contours of the face, cheeks, neck, male and female breasts, chests, torso, abdomen, waist, upper arms, back, inner knees, thighs, buttocks, calves, and ankles.

Usually, liposuction is performed on an outpatient basis, and depending upon work obligations, the patient is back to work within a few days. A compressive garment is encouraged to be worn 4 to 6 weeks post-operatively.

Expect bruising and swelling, which generally disappears quickly. Consult with a physician who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for further information.


Paula Moynahan, MD

Dr. Paula Moynahan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Middlebury, CT and NYC and has over 53 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Medical College Of Pennsylvania medical school in 1968. To optimize her patients’ results, Dr. Moynahan developed a unique proprietary skin treatment line in 1984, updated continuously with every scientific advancement in skincare. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Moynahan to book an appointment.

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