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Vitamin C + E Serum

Vitamin C + E Serum is to be applied first. It is aqueous-based, making it unique, non-oily. It is a thinner consistency. It brightens and is anti-aging. Most Vitamin C products are lipid-based. A huge benefit also for the younger patient and the patient that is acneic. It is non-irritative. It is anti-microbial. It is Prejuvenation, and does not clog pores, and avoids breakouts.

What our clients have to say:

Hyaluronic Acid Dew Drops

“Hyaluronic Acid Dew Drops is a ‘booster product’. I find that it has a moisturizing effect on my skin. My skin feels hydrated and has a cooling factor that I enjoy and will be using in my daily routine.”

Hydrates, Plumps, and Moisturizes

Vitamin C +E and Dew Drops each can also be mixed into the Retinol Night Serum for night time use.

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