Why More Couples Should Schedule Procedures Together

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With every passing year, the number of plastic surgery procedures performed continues to rise. Gone are the days when having ‘work done’ was stigmatized and frowned upon. People from many walks of life are beginning to treat themselves with cosmetic procedures. In numerous cases, your cosmetic provider can perform these procedures together. If you’re looking into receiving multiple treatments, it may be beneficial and cost-saving to ask which ones you might combine. While not all procedures can be performed together, a surprising number can.

How Multiple Procedures Together Can Benefit You

Over the years, the procedures and techniques used in cosmetic surgery have improved significantly. These advances include making it safer to keep patients under anesthesia for greater periods. This creates the possibility of multiple surgeries being performed in a single session. This creates multiple benefits for the surgeon and patient alike. These benefits include:

  • One recovery period – This is a profound difference. Depending on the procedure, recovery from individual treatments can take days or even months. Performing multiple procedures at once means only one recovery period.
  • Faster Results – With multiple procedures being performed simultaneously, the client will see their results faster. One recovery period, multiple procedures, faster results. It’s the full package.

Combining procedures will be done at the discretion of the surgeon. There are numerous things to be accounted for in making this decision. The procedures you want to do, your overall health, and other considerations. If all of them are in line and it’s deemed safe, they may group these procedures together.

Facial plastic surgeries are an example of treatments that can get grouped together easily. Facelifts match well with eyelid surgeries, for instance. Your surgeon can also include laser resurfacing to create a full, youthful appearance as a result. Nose jobs and chin implants are other examples of two facial treatments that can be done well. It can even improve the overall result by helping create a more proportioned appearance.

A breast lift and tummy tucks and other procedures in this often go well together as well, especially when combined with liposuction. This is a common package that women request after childbirth. In fact, it’s often referred to as the “mommy makeover.”

Having multiple procedures done all at once also comes with the additional benefit of only having to pay for anesthesia once. It really brings all the costs of these procedures down when they’re done as a package.

Coordinate With Your Plastic Surgeon To Plan It Out

Working with your plastic surgeon is the best way to create a plan to make the best combination of treatments. They’ll help you plan out your entire aesthetic makeover from start to finish. They’ll suggest procedures to combine and help you make the most cost and recovery effective plan possible. Don’t wait to join the movement to create your best possible visage through the use of modern cosmetic treatment procedures. You deserve to look outstanding, so get started with that phone call to your aesthetic surgery specialist.


Paula Moynahan, MD

Dr. Paula Moynahan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Middlebury, CT and NYC and has over 53 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Medical College Of Pennsylvania medical school in 1968. To optimize her patients’ results, Dr. Moynahan developed a unique proprietary skin treatment line in 1984, updated continuously with every scientific advancement in skincare. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Moynahan to book an appointment.

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