Why Plastic Surgeons May Turn Away Younger Patients

Young Adult Receiving Treatment

Plastic surgery can tell you a lot about the culture and economy surrounding it, as, within the last year, an estimated 1.4 million surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed. Within this influx of surgeries, there has been a major increase in younger adults seeking out cosmetic procedures. Younger people have started seeking out consultations with plastic surgeons. Because of this, many plastic surgeons have begun taking considerable steps toward setting realistic expectations and, in turn, turning away potential patients. 

Why Are Younger People Seeking Out Plastic Surgery? 

One growing trend that’s been going on in plastic surgery centers everywhere is a surprising one: saying no to a younger client. A higher percentage of younger patients seek procedures such as face lifts, tummy tucks, and breast enhancements. One of the likely factors influencing this is the presence of social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. As more people want to achieve high aesthetics, many younger people attempt to replicate those beauty standards through plastic surgery. 

Seeking out plastic surgery to enhance oneself isn’t inherently bad, but it’s important to understand the expectations and changes involved with these procedures. Most younger clients seeking plastic surgery may have unrealistic expectations about what those procedures are, what they contain, and what the results will look like. Other factors that have influenced the rush of younger people into the office include: 

  • Preventative, Proactive Measures: As more younger patients are exposed to the wide array of information on the internet, many are taking the initiative to become knowledge-savvy and prepare before their consultations. This also means that many younger people are looking for surgical and nonsurgical interventions to improve their bodies before problems occur. 
  • Self-Care and Recovery Movements: Through the rise of mental health awareness, many patients are taking the initiative to go into plastic surgery through the ideas of self-care. This also includes accepting longer recovery times if the procedure will meet their results and seeking out long-term options that include niche surgeries for aesthetic problems. 
  • The Influx of Technology and Social Media: Technology and social media go hand in hand, and the aesthetics industry continues to grow steadily. With a projected value of $30 billion by 2029, surgeons are now being held accountable to offer safe, effective surgeries for their clients and make further advancements in surgical and nonsurgical options. 
  • Progressive Awareness and Activism: Activism has been on the rise due to the instability of our political and economic environment, and through the rise of LGBTQ rights, disability rights, women’s rights, and Black Lives Matter, the image of plastic surgery is being shifted as more conversations about inherent problems grows and changes. In this case, the influx of younger clients can come from places of distress and conflict, and treatment options have changed to meet those demands, including top surgery and breast reductions. 

When is Plastic Surgery Necessary For Younger Clients?

Overall, it is up to the surgeon during their consultation to determine whether they’re a candidate for treatment. Still, one key measure that needs to be kept in mind is placing the person’s health first above all else during consideration. 


Paula Moynahan, MD

Dr. Paula Moynahan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Middlebury, CT and NYC and has over 53 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Medical College Of Pennsylvania medical school in 1968. To optimize her patients’ results, Dr. Moynahan developed a unique proprietary skin treatment line in 1984, updated continuously with every scientific advancement in skincare. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Moynahan to book an appointment.

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