Why You Should Get Lip Augmentation

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As social trends change, so do trends in cosmetic treatments. During the pandemic, there’s been a focus on the brow, eyes, and top of the nose, as that’s what most people were seeing. As the pandemic is waning and the masks start to come off, there’s been a rising interest in other facial treatments. One that has been seeing a notable resurgence is lip augmentation. Lip filler is one of those treatments that holds an equal amount of appeal for patients of all ages. While most conversations about these treatments focus on the desire for fuller lips, this isn’t the only reason someone might want lip augmentation.

Let’s Talk About Why People Seek Lip Augmentation

It’s important to remember that cosmetic treatments aren’t always done to eliminate some perceived imperfection or simply to enhance beauty. Some patients were born with very real concerns that are genetic in origin. While there’s little they can do to address it through traditional means, cosmetic treatments can hold the key. Others are looking to address the ravages of old habits or simply old age and restore a more healthy, youthful appearance. Consider the following reasons:

  • Address Lip Asymmetry – It’s normal for your face to be somewhat asymmetrical. When lip asymmetry becomes excessive and noticeable, lip augmentation can help. By strategically targeting certain areas of the lip, this procedure can help even out the asymmetrical appearance. In the majority of cases, the disparity is between the upper and lower lip, though right/left side asymmetry is also possible.
  • Reduce Appearance Of Lines – When age or habits such as smoking has led to the development of fine lines around the mouth, augmentation can help. The fillers used will help restore fullness and smooth out these lines. Fine lines and thinning lips are particularly prominent in those who smoke. Thankfully even these patients can benefit from the enhancing quality of lip augmentation.
  • Add Definition – While everyone is born with a cupid’s bow, it’s more defined in some than others. This often happens when lips are weakly defined, leading to one area flowing into another. Using lip augmentation, it’s possible to enhance the overall appearance and definition of the lips, especially the cupid’s bow.
  • Boost Fullness – Another major reason many people consider getting lip augmentation is to enhance the fullness of their lips. This is one desire that exists across all age groups, though younger patients tend to desire greater overall volume than older patients.

The most important part of getting lip augmentation is moderation. It’s always possible to add more filler, but it can’t be removed. A little at a time is a great way to find that perfect balance of fullness and balance.

Speak To Your Cosmetic Treatment Specialist About Augmentation

Your cosmetic treatment specialist is going to have the latest information about lip augmentation. They’ll be able to suggest different products and approaches to get your desired result. Whether you’re looking to restore a youthful fullness or want to enhance your natural fullness, they can help. Call today for a lip augmentation consultation with your specialist!


Paula Moynahan, MD

Dr. Paula Moynahan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Middlebury, CT and NYC and has over 53 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Medical College Of Pennsylvania medical school in 1968. To optimize her patients’ results, Dr. Moynahan developed a unique proprietary skin treatment line in 1984, updated continuously with every scientific advancement in skincare. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Moynahan to book an appointment.

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