Five Great Things to Do in Middlebury, CT

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Middlebury | 0 comments

Life is more than drinking and eating. Getting out into nature, enjoying the water, and getting active are all parts of a healthy lifestyle, and Middlebury has it all.

One of the best parts of an active lifestyle is its effects on your health. Not only will you develop great habits to keep you healthy—it’s proven that an active lifestyle can have positive effects on your skin, muscle tone, and more that are crucial for exterior beauty.

Take a look at some of our favorite things to do in the Middlebury, CT area. Did we miss something? Or did we mention your favorite activity in Middlebury? Comment below!

1.   Lake Quassapaug

Lake Quassapaug is Middlebury’s most beautiful water destination. Clean enough to swim, and scenic enough for a brisk morning walk, Quassapaug is one of the town’s most treasured natural resources.

For the kids, there’s also the waterpark, both a fun and healthy way to spend the warmer days. You might even want to jump in yourself when you see how entertaining a good splash can be! Check out the video below from the Lake Quassapaug Association.

2.   Whittemore Glen State Park

Getting out into the quiet reaches of nature is important for physical and mental health. Our crammed lifestyles demand that, every once in a while, we take some time out to simply be in nature.

That’s why Whittemore Glen State Park is one of the best places to disconnect. Stress can have negative impacts on physical and psychological health, but you won’t find a single doctor who wouldn’t recommend a nice hike through the woods.

Well documented to positively affect our wellbeing, our beautiful Whittemore Glen State Park is a great spot to unwind after a shift, over the weekend, and during a much-needed “staycation.”

The video below shows the Century Bridge, and some of the amazing waterfalls at Whittemore Flen State Park.

3.   Catch a Ballet

Ballet is an artform wondrous to the eye. It’s also an incredibly healthy pastime, offering both a psychological and physical challenge. At Brass City Ballet, a school which takes on children as well as adults for students, you could find your next new passion.

But Brass City is not only a school—they can often be found at the library, town events, and more performing their rehearsed numbers. You can find out more at their website by clicking here.

4.   Racquetball

There’s no better way to develop a new community of friends than by taking on a new activity. At the Middlebury Racquet Club, you get it all—friends, fun, and fitness!

Whether you want to play competitively or in a more casual setting, Middlebury Racquet Club is a great way to explore a new pastime. With it’s zero-pressure environment, you can take it or leave it—but, we’re pretty sure you’ll be asking where you can purchase your own racquet soon enough!

5.   Pamper Yourself!

Ahhhh, the spa. There’s no better place to truly get “taken care of,” and in Middlebury we have the Viso Bello Day Spa for all of our comfort-centric escape needs.

Offering a wide array of massage and wellness services—including Swedish and French-style massage and an exhaustive list of revolutionary facial treatments—there’s no way you won’t find complete bliss at Viso Bello.

For medi-spa treatments like rejuvenating masks and chemical peels, Dr. Paula Moynahan offers a host of medical-spa treatments that are also great for pampering yourself.