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The Belotero® Family of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and Volumizers From Merz

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What is Belotero ®

Belotero is a minimally invasive hyaluronic acid injectable that is designed to reverse the visible signs of aging.

Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in the skin and has the extraordinary ability to attract 1000 times its own weight in water. Hyaluronic acid in the skin provides softness, volume and moisture retention.

How Belotero ® works

The inevitability of aging eventually yields to unattractive facial alterations as the bloom of youth fades. The signs of the maturing face become visible. During the mid-twenties, genetics and lifestyle determine the extent of textural changes in the skin’s surface, the development of lines, wrinkles, folds, loss of facial contours and sagging of the skin and underlying structures.

Belotero ® provides an improvement in facial appearance when administered into the appropriate zones of the face.

Who can benefit from Belotero ®

Men, as well as women benefit from using Belotero. People of different ages can choose injectable treatments, depending on their facial appearance. Anyone who wants to look their best and increase their self-confidence can benefit from Belotero® treatment if your doctor decides this product is best for your needs.

What to expect with Belotero ®

You can get immediate results upon treatment. The enhanced results continue as the product attracts water that contributes to plumping. Generally the benefits are visible for up to nine months. During the brief procedure there is minimal discomfort. Side effects include bruising and swelling which are easily managed and resolve quickly.