Breast Lifts

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Breast Lifts Surgery

Have you been considering breast lift surgery? Mastopexy (Breast Lifts) reshapes and raises breasts that have deflated, flattened and drooped. The accompanying enlarged nipple-areolar complex is decreased in size and repositioned to the cosmetically desired position on the apex of the breast.

During breast lift surgery the size of the breast is not affected. However changes may be attained by breast implants or reduction at the time of the breast lift (mastopexy).

Breast Augmentation, Implant, and Lift

Breast Augmentations sometimes include breast lifts with implants which are commonly done together. Dr. Moynahan will discuss your goals and options at the time of your consultation.

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The benefits of plastic surgery are more than physical.

  • Many satisfied patients experience increased confidence
  • A rise in self-esteem then follows.
  • Patients have reported being “happier” and looking and feeling their “best.”
  • Many said they felt a positive impact on their quality of life.