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Mommy Makeovers NYC & Middlebury, CT

Are you a new mom in NYC or the Middlebury, CT area looking for a Mommy Makeover? Pregnancy has a universal impact on a new mom’s body. The areas most commonly affected are the breasts and the abdomen. Fat redistribution can produce contour changes in the hips and thighs that does not resolve post partum [after the baby is born}. The breasts may become larger, smaller, asymmetric or droop. The areolar, the pigmented ring surrounding the nipple, deepens in color and may increase to a disproportionate size.

A mommy makeover addresses the changes in the breast and depending on the alteration in appearance an enlargement, reduction, lift or combination of procedures may be performed. Frequently the areolar is decreased in size.

The skin of the abdomen stretches and sags. If a C-Section was performed a pouch is frequently seen above the scar and possibly hangs over the scar onto the pubis. Abdominal muscles weaken and those of the mid-line may actually separate, [diastasis recti]. A tummy tuck [abdominoplasty] addresses these issues. Excessive skin is removed, frequently including many of the stretch marks, the belly button [umbilicus] is re-positioned and the muscles tightened to restore a more desirable appearance.

As pregnancy advances fat lines the pelvis and may permanently distribute to the hips, and thighs. Liposuction is employed to reshape these areas and restore a more aesthetic contour. The overall results are that of a more youthful shaped and toned body.

The benefits of plastic surgery are more than physical.

  • Many satisfied patients experience increased confidence
  • A rise in self-esteem then follows.
  • Patients have reported being “happier” and looking and feeling their “best.”
  • Many said they felt a positive impact on their quality of life.