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Are you unhappy with the appearance of your abdomen? A tummy tuck surgery might be right for you. Pregnancy, weight gain and aging tend to weaken abdominal muscles, rupture the elasticity of the abdominal skin (stretch marks) and develop rolls of fat that produce a pouch or “abdominal apron”. A tummy tuck repairs the weak muscles and excess skin and fat are excised. A flatter and firmer abdomen is achieved.

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Why Tummy Tuck Surgery?

There are many factors that influence the appearance of a woman’s abdomen. Pregnancy, weight loss, bariatric surgery, and aging contribute to sagging skin, weakness of the abdominal musculature, and prominence of the abdomen. Stretch marks of the abdominal skin, a pouch (pooch) and an abdominal apron are accompanied by separation of the muscles at the midline of the abdomen. Poor posture, irritation and infection of the skin above the pubis, back pain and interference with daily living are often experienced. Participation in sports, wearing clothing that fits comfortably and life enjoyment is compromised.

In addition to the flabby skin and weakness of the musculature of the abdomen deposits of unsightly fat may accompany these deficits. “Love handles” frequently go together with a flaccid tummy.

A consultation including a physical examination provides the patient an opportunity to explain their concerns to Doctor Moynahan. During the physical examination, the Doctor has an opportunity to evaluate the appearance of the abdomen and afford the patient a diagnosis and plan of treatment.

What to Expect With Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tucks are usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. At the completion of the operation, a medication is injected into the soft tissues of the operative site prior to wound closure. Experal, an anesthetic contributes to pain management for several days post-operatively. It provides some pain relief that assists in decreasing the amount of oral medication usually required. Healing continues over the next several days and generally within 2 weeks, the individual may return to work provided that strenuous activity is avoided.

Exercise beginning with walking is encouraged from post-op day one. Movement of the legs assists in the smooth flow of blood back to the heart. This mitigates the risk of blood clots, which may lead to serious consequences. However full participation in rigorous exercise is avoided for four to six weeks depending upon each patient’s biological variability.

Tummy tucks and suction of accompanying fat are commonly done together. Both operations are frequently performed in men as well as women since a man’s concerns mirror those of a female, exclusive of pregnancy.

Tightening of the abdominal musculature, the removal of slack skin, repositioning of the belly button in an aesthetic location and recontouring of the torso with the aid of liposuction creates athletic, toned and improved youthful contours.

Dr. Moynahan’s patients are pleased with the positive effects on their appearance. Physical comfort empowers them to be more self-confident. An enhancement of esteem results in augmented enjoyment in the quality of their lives. Our practice offers consultations for tummy tuck surgery in our Middlebury, Connecticut and NYC offices.

The benefits of plastic surgery are more than physical.

  • Many satisfied patients experience increased confidence
  • A rise in self-esteem then follows.
  • Patients have reported being “happier” and looking and feeling their “best.”
  • Many said they felt a positive impact on their quality of life.

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