woman having chemical peel treatment

Signature Facial

Ideal for all skin types. This relaxing and therapeutic skin treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, mask, extractions and massage.

Ageless Facial

Designed for all ages. This invigorating and brightening treatment features microdermabrasion, a mask and a lymphatic massage to stimulate collagen formation

Calming Facial

For sensitive or red skin. Soothe irritated and inflamed skin with this treatment featuring our most calming products.

Acne-Free Facial

For acneic skin of all ages. This acne-fighting treatment promotes clearer skin by eliminating harmful bacteria and debris that leads to breakouts and blackheads. High frequency light therapy combined with purifying products and massage exfoliates and retexturizes the surface of the skin.

Brightening Peel

For hyperpigmented and aging skin. Reduces the appearance of
hyperpigmentation, clears and fades pigmentation while enhancing texture and evacuating pores.

Sensitive Peel

For acneic skin, dry and pigmented skin. This regenerative treatment encourages collagen formation, reduces acne scarring, exfoliates and stimulates skin to promote cell turnover.

Ultimate Advanced Peel

For aging, dry and dull skin. This treatment promotes cell turnover and supports collagen production, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, pore size and hyperpigmentation. The treatment exfoliates and stimulates the skin.

Dermal Infusion Facial Treatment

For acneic, sun-damaged and eczema-prone skin. This is a 3-
in-I treatment that exfoliates, clears away debris, removes dead skin cells, while infusing the skin with a customized serum. A great alternative to microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion Treatment

For skin with minor imperfections. The treatment includes the application of smooth non-abrasive crystals and suction to clear resultant debris, followed by gentle buffing of the skin surface. Improve fine lines. wrinkles, and evacuate clogged pores.

Gentlemen's Face Treatment

Customized Just for Men. Deeply cleanse and soften the skin with a
relaxing hot towel treatment that rids the skin’s surface of dirt and impurities. Pore extractions and a stimulating massage leaves the skin smooth, hydrated, and SPF protected.

Target Treatment

For an acne-prone back. Target problem areas that break out such as the back, shoulders and arms with this treatment that includes deep cleansing, exfoliation and a gentle back massage.


Brightening Peptide Eye Treatment

Cool and refreshing treatment targeted to depuff, hydrate,
and smooth the eye area.

Lyft Treatment

For the Neck and Décolleté. This treatment firms, lifts and tightens skin that has lost definition with age.

Hand Care

Rejuvenating Hand Treatment — Rejuvenate your hands with a sugar scrub and hot towel treatments to eliminate dead skin and deeply rehydrate.

Brow Shaping and Shading

Enhance the shape and appearance of your brows with a custom brow shaping and tint.


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