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Learn why patients choose us

“Dr. Paula Amelia is lovely, genial, kind, professional, and eminently skillful. ”

– Barbara W. Secor

“By the grace of God (and a lot of benign genetics), I have been blessed with good looks, even into my dotage, notwithstanding a life of sun tanning and smoking.  I have not had a cigarette or a drink in over 20 years, and that probably accounts for the relatively good condition of my 66-year-old face.

My neck, however, is a different story.  In the last 10 years or so, I have, like Nora Ephron, been very sad about it.

I generally take an excellent photograph, and the camera truly loves me; I was aghast, therefore, at some recent photographs of me and my children (that might have been suitable for a frame or a potential Christmas card) that were so marred by the prominent tendons, loose skin, and beastly wattles on my ageing neck that I jettisoned all equivocation and dialed Dr. Moynahan’s office directly.

Within 3 weeks of that call, I was post-surgery.  The procedure was a resounding success.  My 66-year-old head now reposes on a 40-year-old neck – smooth, taut, and promoting (for the first time in years) my cute and devilishly cleft chin.

There was absolutely no pain involved – I think I might have taken an extra-strength Tylenol once or twice.  I was hale and hearty immediately post-surgery, and there was no bruising or scarring.  After three weeks post-surgery, I was able to resume my normal regimen of swimming and running.

The Ambulatory Surgicenter of Saint Mary’s Hospital was a joy.  The staff were all kind, professional and helpful.  It was an experience nonpareil.

Dr. Paula Amelia is lovely, genial, kind, professional, and eminently skillful.    She responds to emails and texts lickety-split and is committed to the health of her patients and the fabulous results of her aptitude with the scalpel.  She is adorable and so much fun. Her office staff is just as caring and efficient and wonderful.

I got a brand new beautiful neck and a brand new beautiful friend in Dr. Paula Amelia: lovely, attentive, fun, and patently deft in her métier.

She is, quite simply, ne plus ultra.”

“She is the best. And she is a lovely person as well. I highly recommend her.”

– Kris, 66

“I have had a mole on my face since birth. I had understood from my dermatologists
over the years that, if it was removed, it would leave a scar that would be worse
than the mole. In recent years, it began to bother me more.
I met with Dr. Moynahan and felt so good about her opinion and demeanor.
She said that there would be a scar but that it would be less obvious than the mole and,
after that appointment, I thought about it and felt she was likely correct.

I had the incision done in July and it healed very well and quickly. I cannot believe my
eyes, however, as I look in the mirror only months later – there is pretty much no scar
to see! You need high magnification to see it. I have to look hard to find where it is.
It is unbelievable to me and I feel so grateful to Dr. Moynahan for steering me in the
right direction and, of course, performing this surgery with such perfection and
amazing results. She is the best. And she is a lovely person as well. I highly recommend her.”

“I would trust Dr. Moynahan with my life”

– Joanne, 52

“I had an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in August of 2005. I developed an infection which healed with a hole in my abdomen and required additional surgery. Having no faith in the physician who performed the abdominoplasty, I went to Dr. Paula Moynahan. I can’t begin to explain what a wonderful person Dr.Moynahan is. In June of 2006, Dr. Moynahan performed a scar revision on the hole that was left in my abdomen. I am very pleased with the results. I would trust Dr. Moynahan with my life. I tell everyone that she is just absolutely a wonderful person. I can speak with Dr. Moynahan as if I was speaking with one of my friends. She is just great, and I love her.”

“I am recommending Dr. Moynahan to my mom, that’s how good I feel about her…”

– AnnaMaria, 27

“I’m in good physical condition – I’m in the military, and I work out six days a week – but I still had problem areas that wouldn’t budge. When I made the decision to have liposuction, I got referrals from my brother, who is a surgeon, and a couple of friends, and did some investigating on my own. After a consultation with Dr. Moynahan, I knew she was the right choice. I felt comfortable with her, as a woman and a doctor, and I was impressed with all she has been involved with and accomplished in her field. I had liposuction on my inner and outer thighs and hips in November 2005, and I was back at the gym in 7 days. Thanks to Dr. Moynahan, I beat genetics – I’m smaller, and I’m happy.

I love everyone at Dr. Moynahan’s office – from Betsy, the receptionist, to Lori, Dr. Moynahan’s nurse, to Tammy, the nurse anesthetist – they all put me at ease and made sure I had a really good experience. I am a medic and work alongside nurses and doctors every day. Lori is one of the best nurses I’ve seen. She always has a smile on her face, and is so supportive and motivating. Dr. Moynahan is amazing. She is very informative and answers questions right away without hesitation. She usually describes the whole procedures in detail so you know what to expect, but I only wanted to know the bare minimum, and she respected that. I was swollen 3 days later, and Dr. Moynahan said to stop by and she would look at it then. That to me is caring – most doctors would not do that. I am recommending Dr. Moynahan to my mom, that’s how good I feel about her.”

“I chose Dr. Moynahan because of her great reputation, and how at ease I felt during my first visit with her…”

– Lucy, 39

“I chose Dr. Moynahan because of her great reputation, and how at ease I felt during my first visit with her. In June 2006, I had Sculptra facial injections. I am very pleased with the results. I took a month off from work, and when I went back everyone was asking me what I did. They said I was glowing, but they couldn’t quite place what was different. I was really happy that it was natural enough to not be obvious.

Dr. Moynahan took the time to sit down with me and listen to all my thoughts and concerns. She listened and then made suggestions. She will not do a procedure that is not right for you. Some doctors may be willing to take your money and do what you want, but she won’t do something unless she is confident you will look natural and be satisfied with the results. That meant a lot to me. I can honestly say this is the best doctor/patient experience I have ever had. Her staff is also excellent. They are friendly, compassionate and comforting. They are always there to help if a question should arise.

I now go there for regularly scheduled microdermabrasions. I also use her skincare products and have noticed a significant difference in my appearance.”

“I’ve referred over 25 people to Dr. Moynahan, and she has never let me down…”

– John, 50

Dr. Moynahan made me extremely comfortable in my skin. I love the fact that I can go somewhere 10 years later and people say that I look younger now. No one knows I had work done – I have no scars, no pulling around the eyes – and no one believes I’m 50.

I first went to Dr. Moynahan 7 years ago, after I heard her name 3 times from 3 different people in 1 year. I interviewed her and two male doctors. She was the most conservative. She has limits and boundaries on what she will do. If she says it’s not going to work, you’ve got to listen to her. She isn’t interested in taking your money – she wants you to be pleased with the results. That’s how she won me over. I also like that she’s very easy to talk to. There’s something nurturing and safe about her.

Dr. Moynahan is extremely careful. While I was on the operating table to get my upper and lower eyelids done, she called in the dermatologist from her building to look at a rash on my forehead. I had the rash for about a week, but hadn’t really paid much attention to it. IT turned out that it was a virus that could have possibly put my eyesight at risk if I had had the surgery.

I’m very satisfied with Dr. Moynahan. I’ve referred over 25 people to her, and she has never let me down.”

“Dr. Moynahan has taken 15 years off my face!”

– Nancy, 51

“Dr. Moynahan has taken 15 years off my face! I had a face lift and eye lift in 2003, followed by Sculptra a year-and-a-half later. My friends used to say I looked so tired, but not anymore. I feel and look great! I’ve got a perky, more youthful appearance. Through it all, I’ve had a really positive experience with Dr. Moynahan, the RNs and her very nice office staff. I’ve referred several people to her. She’s not only a great surgeon; she’s so easy to talk to. I feel relaxed with her. After just a few times in her office, I felt like I had known her for years.

I’ve also had a great experience with her skin care products. My 14-year-old son had a problem with acne, and after using her acne products and having two peels in the office, his skin is smooth and clear. I wash my face with her anti-aging products and use her sunscreen – it’s one of the best, it gives me a glow like a moisturizer.”

“We had a great experience, and would refer someone to Dr. Moynahan without hesitation…”

– Scott, 64 & Jane, 62

“We had heard good reports about Dr. Moynahan through a few different friends. We each went in to get her opinion, and then within a week of each other, Jane had eyelid surgery and I had moles on my torso removed. We are very pleased with our results.

We think so highly of Dr. Moynahan. She respects your privacy, and is very caring and empathizing. She has a wonderful, easy-going personality. Although she’s extremely busy, you’d never know it when she walks into the room to see you. She makes time for you. She has an incredible constitution that way. Everybody in the office is quite obliging, and very nice. They treated us very well.

The office is exceptional. The waiting room is large and home-like; nothing looks medical about it. Everything including surgery is done in the office. They have an operating room and a recovery room.

We had a very good experience, and would refer someone to Dr. Moynahan without hesitation.”

“Dr. M’s great skills lie in her ability to create results that are immediately noticeable but not obvious.”

– ML Collins

“Dr. M’s great skills lie in her ability to create results that are immediately noticeable but not obvious. That was to me the greatest indication of her talents as a surgeon and I recommend her with the greatest enthusiasm to anyone contemplating this process! The whole experience with her staff from start to finish was filled with care and enormous attention to detail.”