The Hermitage

41 West 72nd Street Apt 1C
New York, NY 10023
(212) 535 0800
(Near Upper West Side & Hells Kitchen)

Middlebury, CT

687 Straits Turnpike, Suite 1A
Middlebury, CT 06762
(203) 754 4125
(Minutes from Bethany, & Woodbridge)

Dr. Moynahan’s Philosophy

“I appreciate each of my patients as a unique individual with distinctive needs, and I strive to create a close relationship that is based on mutual esteem, trust, and confidentiality.

My office staff has been carefully selected to ensure courtesy, privacy, discretion, and comfort. Both the Middlebury, CT and New York City offices offer a relaxed, professional, and safe atmosphere.

I am acutely aware that meeting my patients’ aesthetic goals transcends the improvement in physical appearance; the results include a deep sense of satisfaction, self confidence, and an enhanced quality of life.” – Dr. Paula A. Moynahan

Getting To Know One Another

We will meet for a relaxed and unhurried consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals. We will discuss cosmetic surgery vs. minimally invasive procedures, reasonable expectations, personal values and beliefs, and any other questions or concerns that you have. Dr. Paula Moynahan personally and professionally guarantees that she will be guided by your needs and advise you in a warm, open, and non-judgemental manner.

At Doctor Paula A. Moynahan, the close and enduring plastic surgeon / patient relationship is fundamental to high quality results and safe and ethical holistic care.

The Surgery

Your cosmetic surgery or minimally invasive procedure will be performed with exacting attention to detail to ensure results that will give you a natural, rested, and refreshed look. Our objective is to improve your appearance – not radically alter it.

Dr. Moynahan will perform plastic/ cosmetic/aesthetic surgery of the highest caliber, in accordance with the rigorous principles of the medical field and enhanced by a warm personal relationship with her patients.

Plastic Surgery Enhancements

Learn more about Dr. Moynahan’s plastic surgery and skin treatment services


"Dr. Moynahan made me extremely comfortable in my skin. I love the fact that I can go somewhere 10 years later and people say that I look younger now. No one knows I had work done – I have no scars, no pulling around the eyes – and no one believes I’m 50."

JOHN, 50


"Dr. Moynahan has taken 15 years off my face! I had a face lift and eye lift in 2003, followed by Sculptra a year-and-a-half later. My friends used to say I looked so tired, but not anymore. I feel and look great! I’ve got a perky, more youthful appearance. Through it all, I’ve had a really positive experience with Dr. Moynahan, the RNs and her very nice office staff. I’ve referred several people to her. She’s not only a great surgeon; she’s so easy to talk to. I feel relaxed with her. After just a few times in her office, I felt like I had known her for years."



"We think so highly of Dr. Moynahan. She respects your privacy, and is very caring and empathizing. She has a wonderful, easy-going personality. Although she’s extremely busy, you’d never know it when she walks into the room to see you. She makes time for you. She has an incredible constitution that way. Everybody in the office is quite obliging, and very nice. They treated us very well."

SCOTT, 64 & JANE, 62

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